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Gummies HHC - Dragées

25mg of HHC per dragée!

Our Gummies HHC sugared almonds add a unique touch of sweetness to your everyday life while promoting relaxation. Each dragée contains 25mg of HHC, giving you an incomparably relaxing experience every time you eat it. Made with top-quality ingredients and offering an irresistible taste in every bite, these sugared almonds truly enrich every moment of your day.

Explore the enchanting world of HHC Edibles and Gummies.

Enjoy these HHC sugared almonds and be seduced by their quality and unique flavour. Treat yourself to a well-deserved moment of relaxation and enjoy the juicy delight these sugared almonds have in store for you.


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Enjoy our HHC Edibles!

Take your cannabinoid experience to the next level with HHC Edibles!

These delicious treats from Cannabuben are the perfect option for enjoying cannabis without the smoke or smell. Whether you want to relax at home or take a break on the move, HHC Edibles are there for you. Enjoy high-quality natural ingredients, a variety of flavours and dosages, and an overall enjoyable experience with HHC Edibles!

hhcp.co.uk offers a guarantee on its HHC, THCP etc. products.

To continually delight our customers with the exceptional quality that only hhcp.co.uk can offer, we work to very high quality standards. We source exclusively from growers who do not use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers during cultivation, in order to bring out the full flavour of the cannabis plant. As well as quality, we also attach great importance to the freshness of our products. That's why we buy most of our CBD flowers directly from trusted growers and pack them in resealable bags.

To ensure everyone's safety, our shop only offers EU-certified varieties with a THC content of less than 0.2%, intended exclusively for use as raw materials in the manufacture of cosmetics and not for human consumption.

Powerful effects with a sweet taste! - Gummies HHC Dragees

Immerse yourself in a relaxing, flavour-packed experience with HHC Sugar-Coated Gummies.

These delicious treats are nothing like a simple treat: they're carefully designed to give you deep, long-lasting relaxation. Enriched with HHC, a cannabis-derived compound renowned for its soothing properties, these treats invite you to relax fully while indulging in an exquisite treat.

The HHC sugared almonds, the stars of these treats, offer a natural sweetness and an enchanting fragrance that awaken the senses at every moment.

Combined with the tangy, slightly piquant feel of sweets, they create a perfect symphony of flavours that will delight fans of fruity sweets and lovers of intense sensations. With their unique combination of flavours and their HHC content, these HHC Gummies Comestibles aux dragées promise you an exceptional taste and relaxation experience. Order now to discover the pleasure and relaxation they offer.


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