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Moroccan 30% HHC - H2C is produced by a heated and compressed extraction of the trichromes, which gives it the texture of a South Moroccan Hash. The soft and oily texture, the dark brown colour on the outside and the light brown colour on the inside, are characteristics of an exceptional resin. Its appearance and effects are simply exceptional. Its taste is multi-flavoured: fruity, earthy, woody, and hempy.

Produced in Europe

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Moroccan Hash 30% HHC - A resin with character

Our Moroccan Hash 30% HHC, originating from Morocco, is a resin of character rich in cannabinoids. This pollen is quite aesthetically pleasing and has a soft, creamy texture. It has a sweet and enchanting aroma. It also has earthy and woody notes. A product that will appeal to the experienced consumer, but also to beginners who want to discover an iconic product. It will be perfect for Cannabis resin lovers. This HHC hash has a unique flavour reminiscent of hemp and will delight the most demanding palates

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as HHC, is a molecule present in minute concentrations in the hemp plant. It is a cannabinoid, like cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This renowned molecule, today known as HHC, was recreated in a laboratory in 1944 by the American Roger Adams. HHC is obtained by hydrogenation of a THC molecule. Since HHC is a subject that has not been studied much, if at all, despite its discovery over the years, research on CBD and THC has been given priority over that of HHC. So we still have little knowledge about it.

What are the benefits of Moroccan Hash pollen?

This 30% HHC Moroccan resin is beneficial against pain and inflammation. The high level of HHC releases many benefits to those who consume it. Its 30% HHC content will bring you relaxation and soothing and will help relieve your inflammatory pain. It is effective in relieving chronic pain of varying severity. The relaxing effects of this product can help you fall asleep more easily and quickly. Moroccan HHC can help those who wish to stop using cannabis while maintaining their relaxing ritual and enjoying every note of Moroccan hash. By reducing the mechanisms of stress and anxiety, Moroccan Hash will bring you a feeling of relaxation

How to consume Moroccan Hash 30% HHC - H2C ?

Our Moroccan Hash 30% HHC resin can be consumed in different ways depending on your taste and desires.

Vaporisation: you must have a vaporiser in order to deposit your HHC resin and take full advantage of its benefits. This method of administration provides rapid soothing effects.

Infusion: you can infuse your HHC resin by adding it to your drink and adding a fatty substance (olive oil, rapeseed oil), for results on the relaxation of the mind.

In the kitchen: you can incorporate HHC resin into your recipes. We simply advise you to crumble the product and add a fatty substance (oil or butter) so that the hash can be incorporated into the recipe.


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